Ready for a synaptic shake-up?

New clothes, fresh sheets, a trip to somewhere different - don't underestimate the powerful effect of a change of perspective.

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Try it for yourself: use your Teacher's Weekly Planner with its current cover until you no longer 'see' it; until it's part of the background of your life and doesn't tap on your brain with its newness each time it's in peripheral range.

Now print out a new front and back and affix to your planner under the plastic cover. Trust us, it will change the way you view your plans! It may even open up your mind to ideas that wouldn't have come otherwise.


  • Fill in your details so we know you're a real person
  • Download your new covers
  • Print the covers of your choice
  • Affix to your planner

…and get ready for the shift! Keep your eyes open for new covers which will be released from time to time.

We can't do your planning for you, but we can give it a fresh new look whenever you need one.